Hurricane Safety

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Hurricane Safety

Don’t wait until a hurricane to meet or talk with your neighbors! One of the benefits of being a member of the Sunset Ridge Neighborhood Association is being included on the Emergency Phone Tree. Each member has a copy of the phone tree to quickly contact other neighbors in order to arrange emergency supplies, assess damages that need to be fixed quickly, or to supply electricity to neighbors whose homes have not had power restored yet.

The last hurricane to hit South Florida was Hurricane Wilma back in 2005. The power in Lake Worth was out for 3 weeks in some parts of the city. Unfortunately during the aftermath, many people had their generators stolen, sometimes even being replaced with a running lawnmower! It is best to turn off your generator, let it cool down, then bring it inside your house at night for safe keeping.

Please visit the links below to learn more about hurricane safety, evacuation zones, and how to plan for an emergency.

If you know you will need help installing your hurricane shutters or boarding up your home, please contact us in advance so we can organize volunteers to assist you.